So you’re engaged! Congratulations! That’s fantastic news! 

(Or maybe you’re about to be engaged—or hoping to be about to be—whatever your story, I get it!)

If you’re like most recently engaged couples, you have a ton to think about and plan for. Booking an engagement session with a local Greenville or Upstate photographer is somewhere on that list, I hope!

But here’s a question many couples don’t think of: when is the right time to book your engagement session? 

How early do you need to get a session on the books, and how long should you plan for the process to take?

I’ll give you my answers to these questions in today’s blog post — and I’ll try to catch any others you have along the way.

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#1: What Will You Use the Engagement Photos For?

The first question you need to ask is foundational, but you’d be surprised how often couples skip it! 

What specifically do you plan to use your engagement photos for?

You’ll post them on social media, sure, and probably frame some for your home. But what about wedding invitations? Save-the-dates? Anything else time-sensitive?

If you’re planning to print and use your engagement photos in save-the-dates (or anything else time-sensitive and pre-wedding), then you need to get that session booked soon! 

For save-the-dates, I recommend scheduling your session 8 to 12 months prior to your wedding. I know this might sound early, but there are lots of moving parts here: editing photos, choosing and ordering stationery, getting your photos printed, and then getting the cards in the mail early enough.


Ideally, you want your save-the-dates to arrive 6 to 8 months prior to the wedding, so that means getting an engagement session on the books pronto.

If you’ve already booked your wedding with me, it’s just a matter of getting your engagement session scheduled. And if you haven’t, there’s no time like the present! Contact us now to book your engagement + wedding package.


If you don’t plan to include photos from your engagement session in save-the-date cards or anything else time-sensitive, then there isn’t a ton of urgency here. You’ll probably want to schedule your engagement session roughly two months prior to the wedding, but otherwise you have lots of flexibility.

#2: How Far Out Is Your Wedding?

Next up, do you have a wedding date scheduled yet? How far out is it? If it’s just a few months away, then getting your engagement session scheduled needs to be a top priority. But if it’s 10 months or more away, you have some cushion.

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#3: What’s Your Combined Personal Style?

Next up, think about what’s meaningful to you as a couple. I want to tailor these photos to your personality and vibe, and that means taking time to figure out that vibe!

Now, based on your answer to the first two questions, sometimes the schedule has to take priority. But if you have the flexibility, scheduling your engagement session during the peak of your favorite season can add fantastic personality and beauty!

You might gravitate toward:

  • Vibrant colors of spring blooming
  • Hot steamy summer days
  • Warm autumn colors and leaves
  • Coolness of winter

One quick note on seasons: summers can be beautiful, but here in the South they can also be brutally hot. July and August can be rough months for outdoor sessions because let’s be honest, dripping sweat may make your photos memorable, but it’s definitely the wrong kind of memorable! It’s usually possible to pull off a summer vibe in May or June, and we’ll usually escape the worst of the heat.


Another angle to take is to pick your outfits first and let those determine the kind of session (and even the season or timing). 

You want to feel and look stunning for these photos—they’ll be lifelong memories! So make sure to coordinate your outfits and let your own personal style dictate the season. Are you most comfortable in sweaters and boots? That sounds like fall or early winter to me! Or if you want to show off that summer tan, then summer or early fall is the way to go.

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Timing and Location

The absolute best time of day to book your engagement session is an hour or two before sunset or sunrise. You’ll get that magical Golden Hour lighting, which just can’t be faked in editing.

I’d love to have a quick chat with you about when sunset will be on your chosen dates.

Last, I love helping couples find the perfect location for their engagement photos! I have a collection of great locations, and of course I’m open to your input if you have a location that just sets your soul on fire!

That’s it for my guide on when to book your engagement session. If you’re already a client of mine, let’s get your session on the calendar! And if you’re still looking for an engagement and wedding photographer in the Greenville/Upstate area, reach out today!