Private Photo Editor

The reason why you should allow me to help you

It can be hard to make the jump of hiring a private editor for your images, after all they are your lifeline. But let's talk about what can you gain by outsourcing the editing process? Starting with the most important: Time, Profit, & Client Experience


Think about all the hours you spend editing a wedding. What could you be doing with that time if you could have it back? Would you like to have more time with your family while your business worked for you? Would you like to simply have more time for you to stay on track with your day to day business? How quickly could you knock out those client emails or bride phone calls if your images were being knocked out at the same time?

Real time talk: Say it roughly takes you 10 hours to edit a wedding. You have a wedding scheduled almost every other week so 25 booked for the year. That is 250 hours you spend editing alone. Regular 40 hour a week job and we have over 6 weeks editing weddings.

That's only us considering weddings. Think of all the freedom from time you would have if you let me help you.


With extra time comes extra income in the old saying "Time is money" and it's simply the truth. You can book more weddings or sessions. Something I think that gets vastly over looked is your creativity blossoms when you have more time. You could have time to market yourself to clients through vendor shows, blogging, or even your social media presences. You could increase your hourly rate because you are more efficient with your time.

Client Experience

If your clients are happy you are happy. You’re already giving your clients a great experience. No doubt about it, you simply would not be here if you weren't killing it . But I can help you make it unforgettable by dramatically cutting down your turnaround times. We will hit all the deadlines with flying colors. Faster turn around times in turn increases advertisement by the word of mouth which increases profits.

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